No matter how far away your classroom days are, there’s something electrifying about learning what makes science “work”. Let us flip the switch and turn everyone on to some super cool (and glowing!) demos and experiments.

Science After Dark is generally scheduled during nighttime and weekend hours at a host business venue. All demos and experiments are included unless special requests have been made.

Demos and experiments include:

  • Quinine – This chemical, most known for being found in anti-malarials, is also a tonic water ingredient used in cocktails! Beyond its fascinating multi-purpose use, quinine also fluoresces a brilliant blue glow under UV lights.
  • Luminol – Forensic experts use many tools to solve a range of cases.
  • Tesla Coil—Hollywood blockbusters might make it look like harnessing electricity is a superpower, but thanks to Nikola Tesla’s still-innovative coil, the power to generate all sorts of different light sources – fits in the palm of our hands.
  • Fire Tube – What goes into a combustion? Learn the ingredients and watch fire, through an endothermic reaction, produced in a 5-gallon tube.
  • Plasma Globe – Though described as the 4th state of matter here on Earth, throughout the universe 99% of all known objects can be found in the plasmic state. Interact with the plasma globe and discover how humans are also great conductors of electricity.
  • Fluorescent Minerals – Prefer a more Earthbound experience? Discover why many minerals fluoresce due to the arrangement of their subatomic particles.



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