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Nadja Schreiber Compo

Title: Assoc. Professor

Office: DM 288

Phone: 305-348-3384


Department(s): Psychology

I am an Associate Professor at Florida International University and the Co-Director of the Legal Psychology Doctoral Program. My research focuses on investigative interviewing and witness memory, especially in the context of vulnerable witnesses such as children or the intoxicated. I am both interested in potentially detrimental and beneficial interviewing techniques and their underlying cognitive and social mechanisms to improve the quality and quantity of witness and victim recall. I am further interested in examining real-world interviewers’ perceptions, experiences, and behaviors. I have worked with several law enforcement agencies on research and investigative interviewing training and I have consulted in various legal cases. Our I-LAB involves a variety of undergraduate and graduate projects in the area of witness interviewing and our research has been funded by NIJ, NSF and the Swedish Research Council.