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Alastair Harborne

Title: Assistant Professor

Office: MSB 359, MSB 352

Phone: 305-348-2201


Department(s): Biological Sciences, Institute of Water and Environment, Center for Coastal Oceans Research, Tropical Conservation Institute

Alastair is an ecologist primarily interested in coral reef fishes, with a particular focus on the impacts of environmental change on these fishes and aiding their conservation.

Research Areas

Much of his current work, in both the Caribbean and Pacific, is examining the natural processes and anthropogenic impacts that control the abundance, ecology, and behaviour of reef fishes, and integrating this work into food web models to provide a comprehensive understanding of tropical communities and the threats to their health. This work includes interests in the impacts of marine reserves, the ecology of fishes on flat, coral-depauperate reefs of the future, and the impacts of tropical species moving onto sub-tropical reefs.

Visit his Tropical Fish Ecology lab