Sharan Ramaswamy

Associate Professor

Biomolecular Sciences Institute; Biomedical Engineering; College of Engineering & Computing

Office: EC 2361

Phone: 305-348-2532


Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Ramaswamy's research interests lie primarily in the area of cell and engineered tissue mechanics with application in cardiovascular regenerative medicine.

Research Areas

  • Heart valve tissue engineering, cardiovascular mechanobiology and heart valve disease
  • Current translational projects including using engineered valvular tissues derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells for valve repair and the use of decellularized bioscaffolds for valve replacement in pediatric patients
  • Conduct experiments and build computational models to identify fundamental mechanisms by which mechanical regulation of cells of relevance to valve development can be delineated systematically at the molecular, cellular and tissue scales
  • The effect that altered fluid-induced stresses have on valve endothelial cells, that may lead to valve pathologies