Camille Perkins

Assistant Teaching Professor

Liberal Studies

Office: SASC 110A

Phone: 305-348-3844


Camille is a transplant from the Caribbean to Miami. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Master's in Higher Education Administration from Florida International University, and Master's in Economics from State University of New York at Buffalo. Presently, Camille works with Transfer & Transition Services as STEM Manager. Her past experience includes Academic Advising, Residence Life, Admissions, International Student and Scholar Services, and Multicultural Programs and Services. She views learning as a holistic and transformative process that includes both academics and student development. In other words, learning is not merely learning facts but also about personal development (learning to think critically and applying knowledge, as well as development of the person in all aspects both inside and outside of the classroom). She enjoys teaching the capstone as it gives her an opportunity to help students discover their strengths and get them focused on their career goals.