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James J. Cali

Advisory Board Member; Treasurer

National Forensic Science Technology Center

Currently with Bi-State Development Agency dba METRO, James Cali, CPA, is a well established expert in internal and forensic auditing, working in State, local and corporate auditing capacities since 1985. His forensic accounting experience includes investigations for money laundering, embezzlement, bank fraud, securities fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage/loan fraud, terrorist financing and arson for profit. Cali has served as an expert witness providing testimony for litigation, mediations, and arbitrations.

In 2007, he received an "Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award" from the United States Department of Justice for the forensic accounting and financial investigation related to a nationwide prescription drug diversion and money laundering case.

Mr. Cali is one of only seventy-five (75) individuals within the state of Florida selected by the Office of Homeland Security to attend an intensive forensic accounting seminar centered on Terrorist Financial Networks and Financial Forensics Techniques. He has achieved "Forensic Accountant – Expert Witness" status by testifying before State and Federal Grand Juries in addition to civil and criminal proceedings.