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Advancing the science needed to address complex water and environmental issues in order to foster environmental sustainability both locally and globally.

Water Contamination

Our researchers are determining the effects of water contamination on a range of species from crustaceans to fish and mammals like dolphins.

The Everglades

CASE is participating in cutting edge research that will explain the economic impact and benefits of the Everglades to us and countless species. 


From the arctic to the Gulf of Mexico, our scientists are learning how diversity in an ecosystem impacts fisheries via state-of-the-art technology. 


FIU’s environmental researchers are taking sea level rise and freshwater conservation to the White House and throughout South Florida


Students have contributed to our high volume of research by immersing themselves in the world of freshwater ecosystems to understand the dietary patterns of plant-eating fishes. 


The Deering Estate has partnered with FIU to provide $125,000 seed funding for Ph.D education and research expenses, with fellows conducting research at the preserve. 


Support our research and outreach toward protecting our water.