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Art and Science

With so many disciplines working together, our experts and students inspire each other to embark on projects that explore and expand the connections between art and science on a range of issues that affect our lives.

Mapping the Brain

Using multimedia, scientists vividly demonstrated the complexities of the human mind's neurological networks in 3D providing a new perspective into our brains. 

Astronomy en Vogue

As a pioneer in acoustic astronomy, a physicist has integrated space sounds with Tchaikovksy for the runway exhibition of Italian designer’s Ermenegildo Zegna’s latest collection.

Algae in vivid form

Our artists are engaging with their communities and the White House by creatively portraying freshwater ecosystems and their vitality. 

Sounds of climate change

One of our biologists compiled 20 years of temperature data from Lake Annie and composed a musical piece after analyzing its rhythmic patterns.


A multidisciplinary team of FIU students are using virtual reality to immerse audiences in dynamic times and scenarios including Shakespeare's London and The Everglades.


Our partners are helping us to improve science education through a hands-on science learning program and supporting artists-in-residence


Support our collaborations between art and science. Contact or 305-348-4349.