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Online Degrees

CASE offers fully online (2.0) and hybrid (1.0: part online, part classroom) courses to meet a variety of student learning needs. Many of the same courses that are offered on campus can also be taken online. A full listing may be obtained at FIU Online.

CASE Fully-Online Degrees

Currently CASE offers the following FULLY online degrees:

Students enrolled in fully online programs may not matriculate for on-campus courses, have a distinct fee schedule, and must complete the online orientation in order to begin taking courses designated for the fully-online degree program. Those interested in these programs must speak with their Departmental Advisor for further details. Advising for these programs is offered via online chat or by telephone upon student request.

CASE Hybrid Degree Programs

The following CASE Undergraduate majors offer a majority, if not all, of the required courses online. These hybrid programs can be taken exclusively online or partially online and in-person without restriction. There is an additional fee for each online course. 

Online Certificates