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The tropics hold the keys to combating world hunger, producing life-saving drugs, supporting local economies, and securing intact ecosystems and stable climates.

Revolutionizing Crops

Our researchers are climate-proofing plants for developing countries, the growing population and generations to come as well as sharing data with international crop breeding centers.

Fighting Extinction

Through partnerships, we conduct field- and captive-based conservation of endangered wildlife from the pygmy marmoset to the East African bongo antelope, sharks and Amazon parrots.

Revitalizing Botanical Study

We are harnessing the power of tropical plants as vital resources for food, medicine, and more, including publishing data to help people marvel over plant diversity and its global significance.

Identifying Threats

From extreme cold spells affecting bee pollination to globally threatened trees, our researchers are beginning to understand the environmental changes that tropical plants endure.


We’re training the next generation of scientists, farmers and policy-makers to protect our agricultural future through sustainable practices.


Rare Species Conservatory FoundationThe Kampong and the National Tropical Botanical Garden work with us to preserve tropical plants and endangered wildlife around the world. 


Assist us in furthering our research and conservation efforts in the tropics. Contact or 305-348-4349.