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CASE applies scientific principles to create new tools, research new methods and develop best practices for the administration of justice.    


Scientists are investigating how to best identify biomarkers for diseases and how nanotechnology can help our bodies heal

Safer Air

Our researchers are inventing new instruments to better detect hazardous chemicals in our bodies, food, and environment. 

Saving Trees

New detection programs are addressing and detecting diseases that threaten plant crops through the use of canines and drones.  


Our researchers are working on detecting chemicals in designer drugs in confiscated substances.



As part of eMerge and in collaboration with other colleges, students have developed a simulation that can help users become trained in preventing terrorist attacks. 


We received $1.5 million from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) for the advancement of research in drug exposure detection, forensic chemistry, synthetic cannabinoids and DNA analysis.


Support groundbreaking research to detect danger and prevent crime. Contact or 305-348-4349.