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We’re working with policy makers and preparing the next generation of advocates to defend threats to justice and fundamental human rights.

Validating Evidence

Our researchers are examining the role of ignorance, emotions, and other factors on interrogations, which are incredibly pivotal in the justice process.


The International Women, Gender and Violence Initiative is a well recognized volence against women (VAW) leader in the South Florida and globally through local and international conferences and networking

Educating Future Forensic Leaders

The new professional master’s degree opens up new options by training professionals online in both forensic science and management. 

Preparing the Next Generation

We are bringing together forensic professionals from all over South Florida and engaging high schools in hands-on forensics. 


Our students go on to be proponents of justice in every area including healthcare within the foster care system


To further broaden the discussion on interrogation techniques and their effects, FIU researchers invited legal psychologists from across the world


Become part of our efforts to further forensic science at FIU. Contact or 305-348-4349.