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Higher Education

CASE aims to improve our work in the classroom to better support students and to train the future leaders and educators.

Our Work

Art Education

The Master's in Art Education inspires artists and educators to express themselves via art while preparing them to teach upcoming artists.  

Young African Leaders Initiative 

As the only university in Florida to receive the $100,000 Mandela Washington fellowship, FIU joined the initiative with 25 fellows from Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and other sub-Saharan nations. 

Building Strong Relationships

Education alumnae inspire one another while building and maintaining lasting and supportive relationships throughout their teaching careers.

Excellence in Teaching

FIU Physics professor Caroline Simpson was nationally recognized for her excellence in college astronomy teaching with the 2016 Richard H. Emmons Award. 


Using evidence-based peer learning with student learning assistants, our math labs have an increased student passing rate and resulted in impressive research


new partnership, Comparative and International Education Society will provide students and faculty with an international network of the best educational scholars and collaborators.


Participate in advancing education and training future educators. Contact or 305-348-4349.