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Centers & Institutes

Housed in interdisciplinary schools, our centers and institutes unite researchers across the university to apply their skills and expertise to issues that face us all. 

School of Environment, Arts and Society

School of Integrated Science and Humanity

School of Education and Human Development

Core Facilities

Core facilities provide research support with instruments and equipment available for a fee-for-service use to researchers at FIU and the community. The facilities include:


Advanced Mass Spectrometry Facility

Providing analytical support to the FIU scientific and research community

Start your analysis


Aquarius Reef Base

World’s only undersea research laboratory

Dive deeper


Bioinorganic and Environmental Analysis Facility

Instrumentation, teaching, research and service support for environmental and biomedical analyses

Use the bioinorganic and environmental analysis facility


DNA Core Facility

DNA sequencing, fragment analysis and data analysis

Uncover DNA data


Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment Laboratory

Conducting ecotoxicity studies

Study ecotoxicology up close


Electronics Shop

Designing and manufacturing high-quality electronic equipment and components

Visit the shop


Field Operations Center (FOC) Vehicle Boat

Maintaining and scheduling Southeast Environmental Research Center's fleet

Get to know the fleet


Florida Center for Analytical Electron Microscopy (FCAEM)

Supporting education and research in micro-analysis and imaging of materials

Learn more about FCAEM


Forensic & Analytical Toxicology Facility

Conducting research and method development for forensic chemical analysis

Explore the Forensic and Analytical Toxicology Facility


Freshwater Biogeochemistry Laboratory

Performing biogeochemical research and monitoring

Look closer into freshwater biochemistry


Geographic Information Systems Center

Providing data analysis, spatial modeling and maps

Learn more about the GIS center


Machine Shop

Designing, engineering and manufacturing high-quality parts and equipment in support of scientific research

Explore the machine shop


Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry

Full service stable isotope facility specializing in biogeochemistry

Discover what this facility has to offer


Trace Evidence Analysis

Instrumentation that can be used for research, education and service

Learn about trace evidence analysis


Toxic Algae Culture Core Facility

Main repository and supplier of microorganism cultures, purified toxins, DNA and RNA, labeled toxins and antibodies

Analyze toxic algae


Trace Metal Facility Core

Providing trace metal analysis protocols and instrumental analysis

Work hands-on with trace metals


Wertheim Conservatory

Exhibiting hundreds of plant species

Visit the conservatory