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Creative Works

CASE supports our creative past, present and future through our literature and creative writing programs and events.

Zeal for Poetry

We are igniting passion for poetry in all ages through community events and various outreach programs including Poems to the Sky

Inaugural Poet

Our nationally recognized alumni have inspired others through their compelling words during moments of great hope as well as incredible loss

Love for Shakespeare

With the help of CASE faculty and students, FIU was the only site in Florida to host the national, traveling First Folio! exhibition of Shakespeare's works published in 1623.

Inspiring Young Writers

Students have the opportunity to participate in projects like the Young Readers program and the Everglades Writing Expedition to expand horizons and encourage creativity. 


Several students have had their poetry collections published and nationally recognized. Some of their awards have helped jump start writing programs across the United States. 


We have partners like The Betsy Hotel and The Knight Foundation who host events for our creative writing students and provide internship and prize opportunities. 


Help our creative writers on their path to publication. Contact or 305-348-4349.