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CMS Center at FIU

The CMS Center at FIU is a remote operations center and video conference area for the HEP group. The Center features a video conferencing station, a multi-screen interactive analysis server, utilized to monitor detector operations during CMS data taking at the LHC, and student workstations. Our CMS Center will also server as the focal point to our outreach effort. We will conduct tours of our Tier3 operation and provide information about the LHC and the CMS experiment from our CMS Center to interested students and the general public. The facility is located at FIU's MM Campus in the Chemistry and Physics Building room CP 257. The CMS Center is not yet open to the general public but we hope to have it up and running soon.

CMS Tier3 Center

The CMS Tier3 Center at FIU is the group's local computing resource. It consists of interactive analysis servers, a web server and a variety of other computing equipment including 10 Gbit enabled networking, grid gatekeepers, development and data management servers all running services that connect our resource to the world-wide distributed Grid infrastructure and allow the local FIU team to engage in distributed computing activities for the CMS collaboration. The computing system includes 216 computing cores with 70 Terabytes of distributed storage. By the end of this year we expect our resource to be fully integrated into Open Science Grid. Once our site is "grid enabled" other researchers from around the world will be able to utilize our resources not only for particle physics research but for any other disciple that can exploit Grid infrastructure.

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