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Our goal is to inspire citizens to be active participants in their communities. We’re bringing the excitement of research to students by leading immersive experiences that ignite the curiosity of explorers of all ages.

Virtual Programs

Program categories include: Labs, Group Demonstrations, Family Science Nights and Field Trips. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we have reformulated all our programs in a virtual format to bring our adventures to students, wherever they are.

Our programs are aligned to Next Generation Science Standard and Florida Standards of Education. All content is tiered by grade level (K-2, 3-5, 6-8). All worksheets are included for each presentation along with trained university facilitators.

Animal Encounter
Ecology Lab

Meet invertebrates (sea star, sea urchin and horse conch) in this hands-on lab to identify how all play specific roles in balancing our local ecosystems.

Tech to Protect
Technology Lab

Underwater research can be conducted remotely with cutting-edge technology. Explore different types of marine animal camera rigs, then create your own, showcasing how scientists have to think on their feet - or fins.

Aquarius Journey
Marine Science Lab

Learn what it's like to live underwater at the Aquarius Undersea Laboratory, and how to study the ocean and its inhabitants.

Meet an Aquanaut
Talk with an Expert

Chat with an Aquanaut who has lived and worked underwater at Aquarius Reef Base. Learn about research conducted at Aquarius, and how to become an undersea researcher.

Energy Matters
Group Demonstration

Not only is matter all around us, but it's constantly changing. Observe the wonders behind unique energy transformations with a Tesla coil, plasma globe, multicolored fire combustions and dry ice to understand physical/chemical reactions.

Rocket Racers
Physics Lab

How objects navigate forces set the foundation for builders' creations. Engineer air-propelled model rockets using key tenets of physics such as mass, acceleration, and kinetic energy to race to a skyward finish in this rousing group competition.

Journal Earth
Creative Writing Lab

Expressing observations is not only critical to the scientific process - it's fun, too. Cultivate science communication techniques while documenting encounters in nature to publish in an online FIU Education Outreach Community Journal.

Planet Plankton
Biology Lab

Small but hugely important, plankton are crucial to sustaining life here on Earth. Investigate different plankton species and their unique anatomy under high-powered microscopes to build models that will be tested in water.

Invisible Light
Chemistry Lab

Explore characteristics of light with prisms and refractors, and activate seemingly invisible gases to reveal their color-based signatures - a process scientists use to identify unknown elements.

Florida Keys & Me
Monroe County Field Trip

Visit Florida Keys habitats to join in citizen science projects such as observing biodiversity, categorizing marine debris and surveying seagrass beds.

Explore Your Backyard
Biscayne Bay Campus Field Trip

South Florida's dynamic ecosystems are unparalleled. Venture into the water with scientific instruments such as a seine net to collect, log and share data about animal specimens. The data will be shared via global citizen science apps.

Discover Your Universe
Modesto A. Maidique Campus Field Trip

Tour the campus and visit the Stocker AstroScience Center to learn about space and celestial objects with South Florida's only research-grade telescope. Create classroom comets to learn about the elements that make up these objects.

FIU STEAM Festival
Family Science Night

STEAM experiences can be enjoyed by everyone! Participate in some of our labs, the “Energy Matters” group demonstration, and a special family engagement activity presented by university experts and/or club members to uncover the wonders of science all around us.

Reserve Your Program(s)

Request a reservation with our online application form. Requests must be made a minimum of three weeks in advance; a $50 nonrefundable deposit is required.


Within 48 hours after you submit your request, our Education Outreach Manager will contact you to discuss your proposed itinerary. Once everything is reviewed and agreed upon, the invoice will be sent.

Proceeds from fee-based programs directly support free programming for underserved communities, the ongoing development of activities representative of the breadth of our work and student internships.