One theorem, three points of view
Professor Tommaso Pacini from University of Torino
Apr 19, 2022

Soliton Solutions of the Laplacian Flow from the Perspective of Exact G2-Structures
Professor Aaron Kennon from UC Santa Barbara
Aug 26 2022

Symplectic deformations and the Type IIA flow
Professor Teng Fei from Rutgers University Newark
Oct 28 2022

Obata type results for the lowest eigenvalues on a quaternionic contact manifolds.
Professor Dmiter Vassilev from University of New Mexico
Nov 3 2022

HKT geometry and the quaternionic Calabi conjecture
Ph.D Student Giovanni Gentili from University of Torino
Nov 4 2022

Vertex labeling properties on graphs and complexes
Professor Bruno Benedetti from University of Miami
Nov 9 2022

Hermitian metrics on a class of almost nilpotent solvmanifolds
Fabio Paradiso from University of Torino
Nov 10 2022

Geometric flows, G2-structures and 3-Sasakian geometry
Jason Lotay from Oxford University
Nov 18 2022

Maximally symmetric metrics on solvmanifolds
Michael Jablonski

Feb. 9, 2023

Introduction to o-minimal geometry I
Kyoung-Seog Lee
Mar. 14, 2023

Introduction to o-minimal geometry II
Kyoung-Seog Lee
Mar. 21, 2023

Non-associative gauge theory
Sergey Grigorian
Mar. 30, 2023