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Water & the Environment

Water is essential for all life on earth, yet is one of our most imperiled natural resources. CASE’s work with freshwater extends from Florida’s Everglades to the Caribbean and the most undeveloped regions of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caucasus. Our water initiatives are housed in the Institute of Water and Environment (InWE) and serve as a global model for knowledge and action to preserve our water. 

Impacting Policy

Exploring and informing management and policy decisions for our drinking water, Everglades restoration and overall ecosystem health is a major driver of the Florida Coastal Everglades Long-Term Ecological Research Program.

Turning the Tide

Researchers in the Sea Level Solutions Center and Institute of Water and Environment are working not just to better understand the myriad of water issues we face, but to get that information into the hands of those who need it most – policy-makers and the public.

Next Generation

We are responding to the pollutants and contaminants in our water and environment to better understand contamination and provide efficient solutions, while training the next generation of scientists and leaders to continue to protect these resources.

Give Your Support

From participating in events and volunteering your time, to following us on social media or donating equipment, your support goes a long way.