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Tropical Conservation

The tropics are the most diverse region on earth – rich with plants and animals critical to life as we know it. CASE brings together scientists, students, and people doing conservation across the globe to save species through intelligent, long-term planning to balance society’s needs.

Revolutionizing Tropical Plants

90% of all plants exist in the tropics. With extinction rates rising, we are working with experts around the globe to manage conservation efforts. The International Center for Tropical Botany is discovering ways to use plants sustainably and training farmers to implement methods that will respond to the changing climate’s impact on crops.

Saving Species

The Tropical Conservation Institute is working to protect species around the world by working with partners to address the many threats they face. Through captive breeding programs, we have been able rehabilitate and reintroduce populations of animals previously believed to be doomed.

Future Leaders

We equip our students with the skills and experience to address the agricultural issues that result at the intersections of agriculture, natural and urban areas. Programs like the Agroecology Program, support students in their work through field-research internships and scholarships.

Give Your Support

From participating in events and volunteering your time, to following us on social media or donating equipment, your support goes a long way.