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Ocean Sustainability

Making up ⅔ of earth, oceans are key to our global health. From understanding our coral reefs and ways to repopulate them, to studying the biggest animals in the sea and manning the world’s only operating undersea laboratory, we are making strides toward preserving our oceans through research, training and partnerships.

Sentinel for Climate Change

60 feet below the ocean surface, the Medina Aquarius Program allows researchers and students to study and monitor threatened species and ecosystems critically important to our economy, culture and way of life.

Protecting Coral Reefs

Using baited remote underwater video cameras, the Global FinPrint project is sampling coral reefs around the world to identify the right conditions that support healthy populations of sharks and rays, while working with policy makers to ensure they are protected.

Field to Classroom

Through programs like Teacher Under the Sea, we are able to inspire millions of students across the globe. By sharing our research, we help connect classroom concepts with real life  challenges and the excitement of finding solutions.

Give Your Support

There are many ways you can lend a hand from participating to following to donating equipment or volunteering.