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Education & Innovation

With most students in class for 2,340 days during their primary and secondary school years, what educators teach and how they do so shapes countless lives. The School of Education and Human Development has been recognized nationally for transforming how students are taught while addressing individual needs and backgrounds.

The Future of STEM

Our STEM Transformation Institute is improving the way students are introduced to STEM concepts through evidence-based, team-centered learning.  Our nationally recognized learning laboratory produces models for teaching and training that is changing the landscape of the STEM workforce and driving innovation in industries locally and beyond. 

Inspiring Explorers

Igniting passion for our cosmos to spur future discovery, the Stocker AstroScience Center brings the farthest reaches of space to South Florida. From local students to community members young and old, we are using our observatory, state-of-the-art control room and telescope to captivate and motivate future astronomers, astronauts and engaged citizens.

Next Generation of Investigators

Scientists in the International Forensic Research Institute are using state-of-the-art discoveries and technologies to advance forensic science and train the next generation. Our investigative tools have been used in drug exposure detection, crime scene investigation, and DNA analysis to support law enforcement efforts.

Give Your Support

From participating in events and volunteering your time, to following us on social media or donating books, your support goes a long way.