An internship is an important part of the RT program. There are two different types of RT internships (Internship I & Internship II). The type(s) of internship that students are required to complete depends on what program track they are enrolled in:

  • B.S. Pre-RT/AR Students: Internship I Only
  • M.S./B.S. in RT (Combined Degree) Students: Internship I AND Internship II
  • B.S. in RT ('Old Program') Students (no longer available for new students): Internship I and Internship II

Internship Types

  • Internship I (LEI 4940 - 6 credits)

    Required for all students. Internship I is comprised of a total of 320 hours of practicum experience. Students who complete their internship locally MUST complete two separate 160 hour rotations at two different agencies. Students who complete their internship ‘out-of-area’ have the option to complete the full 320 hours at one agency (though they can choose to complete two 160 hour rotations).

  • Internship II (LEI 4941 - 12 credits)

    Required for MS/BS Combined Degree students and students enrolled in 'old' BS RT Program. Internship II is comprised of a total of 560 hours of practicum experience and is required by the NCTRC to become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). Students must complete the 560 hour14 week internship at one agency under the supervision of a CTRS. Students should note that this is a full time work commitment (40 hours a week).

Internship Sites

Internship sites are classified as either ‘local’ or ‘out-of-area’. Local internships are any agency located in Dade or Broward County. ‘Out-of-Area’ sites are for agencies located out of state or outside of Dade or Broward County. All internship locations must be approved by the internship coordinator before the internship begins. The Internship Coordinator offers several ‘Internship Orientation Meetings’ every semester to review the steps to obtain an internship and the requirements to complete a placement.

Please note that the list below is not a list of ALL the possible internship opportunities that exist, it just includes agencies that FIU currently has an affiliation with. We add new agencies every semester.

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