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College of Arts, Sciences & Education majors are typically 30-36 credits in addition to any prerequisites. Exceptions include the CASE Teacher preparation programs that can require between 47 to 60 upper division major credits. All CASE majors, along with the specific requirements, are listed by department in the course catalog. You can also explore them on our degrees list and take a look at majors at a glance.

Degree Requirements

Every undergraduate student has a series of requirements to satisfy in order to earn a degree at Florida International University. Each specific major does have its own requirements including any pre-requisites and the Upper-Division (3000-4000 level) major-specific courses. Most CASE majors require between 30 and 36 credits, in addition to those credits from pre-requisites. Please note that the minimum grade for all major courses is a "C."

University Core Curriculum

The University Core Curriculum (UCC) is a broad, well-defined curriculum that helps students to think critically, analytically and creatively. The UCC applies to students admitted to FIU as transfers with less than an AA from a public Florida school, or as a freshman beginning Summer 2003 and include the following categories:

  • First Year Experience
  • Communication
  • Humanities, Groups 1 and 2
  • Mathematics, Groups 1 and 2
  • Social Science, Groups 1 and 2
  • Natural Science, Groups 1 and 2
  • Arts

For a complete list of UCC courses click on the appropriate link:

Your first semester at FIU as a FRESHMAN was Prior to Summer 2015 or Summer B 2015 or later.

Your first semester at FIU as a TRANSFER was Prior to Fall 2015 or Fall 2015 or later.

Students transferring to FIU with an Associates of Arts degree from a State University System (SUS) school within Florida have already completed the UCC requirements.

Please note that a grade of “C” or higher is required for all Gordon Rule and Gordon Rule with Writing courses.


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