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Academic Program

Biochemistry at Florida International University is featured by interdisciplinary research and effective training and education. The program provides the opportunities that allow students to access diversified research in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, chemical biology, medicine, developmental biology, genetics, chemistry, cancer research, microbiology and immunology and many others which are conducted by more than 30 faculty. The program provides a strong education and training in fundamental biochemistry and molecular biology, biotechniques and others. Trainings in developing critical-thinking skills are heavily emphasized by the program. All full-time graduate students are financially supported with stipend and health insurance.

Looking into a microscope in an FIU chemistry lab.

Courses and Research Rotation

In their first year of graduate study, students rotate through three research labs. By the end of the first year, students select a faculty member as their dissertation advisor and select a research topic for their Ph.D. dissertation. Students will have take all the required courses and one selective course.

  • Required Courses



    Course (Credit Hours)

    First semester

    CHM 6036 Advanced Biochemistry I (3)

    CHM 6108 Biochemical Techniques (3)

    Second semester

    CHM 6037 Advanced Biochemistry II (3)

    PCB 6025 Molecular and Cellular Biology II (3)

    Third semester

    PCB 6027 Molecular and Cellular Biology I (3)

    CHM/BCH 6831 Introduction to Biochemical Research (3)

    Fourth semester

    BSC 6930 Ethics, Publication, and Intellectual Property (3)

  • Elective Courses

    Course Number

    Description (Credit Hours)

    BSC 6415

    Animal Cells in Culture (3)

    BSC 6415L

    Animal Cells in Culture Lab (2)

    CHM 5302

    Organic Chemistry of Nucleic Acids (3)

    CHM 5325

    Physical Chemistry of Proteins (3)

    CHM 5351

    Computer Modeling of Biological Molecules (3)

    CHM 5440

    Kinetics and Catalysis (3)

    CHM 5503

    Physical Chemistry of Nucleic Acids (3)

    CHM 5506

    Physical Biochemistry (3)

    CHS 5536

    Forensic DNA Chemistry (3)

    MCB 6935

    Advanced Topics in Microbiology (3)

    PCB 5665

    Human Genetics (3)

    PCB 5665L

    Human Genetics Lab (2)

    PCB 5725

    Membrane Signal Transduction (3)

    PCB 5786

    Membrane Physiology (3)

    PCB 6236

    Comparative Immunology (3)

    PCB 6526

    Advanced Molecular Biology (3)

    PCB 6566

    Chromosome Structure and Function (3)

    PCB 6786

    Membrane Biophysics (3)

    PCB 6935

    Advanced Topics in Genetics (3)

  • Workshops

    Course Number

    Description (Credit Hours)

    BCH 6130C

    DNA Synthesis & Amplification (1)

    BCH 6132C

    Electrophoresis (1)

    BCH 6133C

    DNA Sequencing (1)

    MCB 5315C

    Prokaryotic Cloning (2)

Graduate Student Perspectives

Elena Shersher (2016 Biochemistry Ph.D. graduate)

Being a first year graduate student was exciting, especially so if you are enrolled in a brand new biochemistry program at FIU! From personal experience I can say that this program is designed to help students gain knowledge in variety of scientific fields through carefully chosen curriculum, acquire critical thinking and presentation skills through different in-class assignments as well as learn about research of other scientists through weekly seminars. First year rotations provide a great opportunity not only to participate in different interesting research projects but also to make new friends and choose the environment that suits your personality the most for further work. I am confident that FIU biochemistry program will help students learn and develop necessary skills for being successful in the future."

Jill Beaver (2016 Biochemistry Ph.D. graduate)

"FIU was a wonderful place to pursue a Ph.D. in Biochemistry! Professors in the program are supportive and work hard to get to know students and help them be successful. You have the opportunity to join exciting research in a wide variety of biochemistry areas across several departments, giving much more flexibility than many programs offer and ensuring that there are many options for students with any area of interest. Professors share teaching responsibilities as a team which allowed me to learn about each topic from an expert in the field. Small classes allowed me to really get to know others in the program and also gave me the opportunity to closely interact with the professors. You get to complete rotations through several laboratories in your first year of the program, allowing you to experience the research and dynamic of each lab first-hand before choosing a lab to join for your own research. I feel confident that this program helped me develop the skills I needed to truly be successful in a career in biochemistry research."