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New Semester Survival Guide

The first days of a new semester can be busy and stressful, but they're also the time to set yourself up for success. Here are our top eight tips for the first two weeks of classes:

1. Know what to expect

Each professor will include contact information, office hours, policies, assignment deadlines, exam dates, and more in the class syllabus, so keep them handy.

2. Stay organized

Keep a calendar/planner where you can jot down deadlines in one place.

3. Get your textbooks

Buy or rent them now through the FIU Bookstore.

4. Make friends

Having study buddies in each class will help you stay connected, engaged, and promote academic success.

5. Introduce yourself to your professors

It's OK to approach your professor before or after class and say "Hi". They'll appreciate you did and you will, too.

6. Arrive to campus early

Traffic and parking can be hectic. Plan to be here 45-60 minutes before class to save yourself the stress.

7. Pay for your classes

Make sure your Financial Aid is in order or if you're paying for your classes make sure you do it by Wednesday, Jan. 18.

8. Download the FIU Mobile App

You'll have access to campus maps, your student portal, dining information, and much more. Download the FIU app here.