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Joel Trexler

Professor; Program Director of Marine Sciences

Biological Sciences

Office: MSB 361

Phone: 305-348-1966


Specialty: Marine Sciences


Research Areas

My training and ongoing interests are broadly in the fields of population and community ecology, including evolutionary ecology. My most recent work focusses on understanding spatial population and community dynamics in fluctuating environments, primarily the Everglades. I am currently using structural equation models to evaluate hypotheses about interaction webs at the landscape scale and general linear model and time series methods to evaluate the interaction of local and spatial controls of population dynamics. A recent project evaluated the ability to substitute spatial data for time series to predict population density in a landscape; I hope to expand this work to consider community metrics. We are also using direct and indirect methods to document movement patterns of fish in response to seasonal hydrological fluctuation, which we plan to incorporate into our modeling efforts. I am also interested in the ecology of adaptation through life history evolution and phenotypic plasticity, which I pursue by work on the evolution of maternal reproductive investment in livebearing fishes.