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Christina Brown-Bochicchio


Counseling, Recreation and School Psychology

Office: ZEB 333

Phone: 305-348-3907


Specialty: Parks and Recreation Managment

Christina Brown-Bochicchio, CTRS/LRT- Instructor earned her bachelor's degree in Parks and Recreation Management with an emphasis in event planning from Northern Arizona University and a master's degree in Recreational Therapy Administration as well as a graduate certificate in Biofeedback from East Carolina University. Christina is currently a candidate in Rehabilitation Counseling and Administration at East Carolina University. Prior to pursuing a career in academics, Christina was a qualified intellectual disabilities professional and recreational therapist with Angel View Inc., in Desert Hot Springs, California. Christina has worked professionally with several populations including older adults in community settings and with individuals with developmental disabilities.

Research Areas

Academically, Christina's research and teaching is focused in the areas of stress management, training military personnel how to manage symptoms of PTSD using biofeedback and objective measurement of recreational therapy interventions. Her research has been presented at state, national and international conferences, most recently highlighted by her oral presentation at the 2018 Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback conference in Orlando, Florida.