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Allain Barnett

Postdoctoral Associate

Institute of Water and Environment

Office: SIPA 316A, SIPA 316B

Phone: 602-633-5636


Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Allain Barnett is a post-doctoral associate working with the Institute for Water and Environment, and the School of International and Public Affairs. Allain has a diverse research experience, including research in aquatic community ecology as a Master's Student, ethnographic research of lobster fishing communities in Nova Scotia during his PhD at Arizona State University, collaborative research on common-pool resources and institutional analysis, and marine debris mapping and recovery projects as a post-doc at University of New Brunswick. His current research interests focus on applying insights from vulnerability analysis, institutional analysis, coupled infrastructure systems analysis, and political geography to examine social-ecological-technological systems. As a member of the Miami Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network, Allain is examining the political and institutional barriers and bridges to adopting infrastructure to enhance the resilience of the cities of Miami and Miami Beach to sea level rise and extreme events.