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Yi Xiao

Title: Associate Professor

Office: CP 306

Phone: 305-348-4536


Curriculum Vitae

Department(s): Chemistry and Biochemistry

Lab: AHC3 510B — 305-348-4535

Dr. Xiao's research will pave the way to bring highly sensitive sensors with great specificity into portable micro/nano-sized devices, which will impact the most pressing problems associated with analytical life sciences, including clinical diagnosis, drug abuse test, food safety and environmental pollution monitoring.

  • Nanomaterial-Based Biosensors
  • DNA-Based Biosensors
  • In vitro Directed Evolution

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  • Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, Nanjing University, P.R. China
  • M.S. in Analytical Chemistry, Northwest University, P.R. China
  • B.S. in Analytical Chemistry, Nanjing University, P.R. China

Research Areas

  • Biosensors and biomaterials and their applications in solving a broad range of problems in vitro and in vivo
  • Employing new biomaterials, nanomaterials and new platforms to design ultra-sensitive sensors for specific in vitro or in vivo sensing in complex sample at the point-of-care
  • High specificity is achieved via biotechnology platforms - innovative selection technology (SELEX) are used to generate bio-functionalized elements capable of performing specific target recognition, and high sensitivity is obtained with subsequent biomolecular cascading, self-assembled amplifications