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Walter Van Hamme

Title: Executive Director, Associate Dean, Professor

Office: AHC4 353

Phone: 305-348-3670


Department(s): School of Integrated Science and Humanity

Dr. Van Hamme received his Doctor of Science in Astronomy degree at Ghent University (Belgium) in 1981. He joined FIU’s Department of Physics in 1988 and served as chair from 2004 to 2011, managing the department’s rapid growth and advocating for a number of educational reform projects including studio-based introductory physics courses, programs for current and future physics high school teachers, and the establishment of a physics education research group.

Research Areas

Van Hamme’s areas of research include interacting binary stars, binary star evolution, and the search for planets around stars other than the Sun. He is the co-developer of one of the most widely used and comprehensive computer programs to extract astrophysical information from eclipsing binary star observational data.