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Kateel G Shetty

Title: Asst. Scholar/Scient/Engineer

Office: VH 210

Phone: 305-348-0178


Specialty: Agroecology

Curriculum Vitae

Department(s): Earth and Environment


  • Ph.D. Soil Microbiology Kansas State University (Dept. of Plant Pathology), Manhattan, KS 1994
  • M.S. Ag. Microbiology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India 1984
  • B.S. University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India 1980

Research Areas

My research interests and expertise are in basic and applied aspects of microbial processes related to environment, agroecosystem and health. I am interested in synergistic integration of both basic and applied science aspects in our research projects. My areas of research interest and expertise include - Management of soil-borne fungal diseases using biofumigants; Biocontrol of phytopathogens; Biological control of exotic invasive plant species using indigenous phytopathogens; Microbial biodegradation of marine and fresh water algal biotoxins; Endophytic microorganisms; Detection of Indoor toxic mold growth using signature volatile organic compounds; Allelopathic chemical interactions in suppression of invasive plant species; Microbial and plant based biofuel and bio-product production; Plant-microbial symbiosis; plant microbiome and soil microbial diversity; Biocontrol of foodborne pathogens in soil and on plant; Bioremediation (Heavy metals using plants, Pentachlorophenol and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using bacteria and white-rot fungi); Restoration ecology and ecological risk assessment following bioremediation. I enjoy teaching a wide variety of courses within the fields of Agriculture and Environmental sciences. Courses I teach - Sustainable Agriculture, Integrated pest management, Soil Microbiology, Energy Resources, Introduction to Environmental Science and sustainability, Food Security and food safety, Sustainable Bioenergy, Agroecology, Special topics “Agriculture Colloquium”.