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Laird Kramer

Title: Director of the STEM Transformation Institute, Professor

Office: VH 140C, CP 211

Phone: 305-348-6073


Specialty: Physics Education Research

Department(s): Physics, Southeast Environmental Research Center, STEM Transformation Institute

Laird Kramer’s work focuses on facilitating institutional change through implementation of, and research on, evidence-based educational practices. He led transformation of the undergraduate physics experience at FIU, creating more well-prepared majors through the implementation modeling instruction-based studio physics courses, establishment of student-centric methodologies, and establishment of a high school/university research and learning community. Kramer has fostered a community that enables future teachers to implement their instructional craft, built by operating more than a decade of intensive, summer professional development in Modeling Instruction for high school teachers.

Research Areas

  • Experimental intermediate energy nuclear physics
  • Quark structure of the nucleon
  • Spin structure of the nucleon