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Jason Vleminckx

Title: Postdoctoral Associate

Office: OE 167

Phone: 305-348-2201


Department(s): Biological Sciences

Dr. Vleminckx is particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms driving the distribution of tree species in tropical forests. He has worked on the influences of soil properties and past anthropogenic disturbances on tree species assembly in DR Congo and Cameroon. He also conducted theoretical works to investigate the reliability of using spatial eigenvectors combined with variation partitioning methods. Most recently, he worked at the University of California, Berkeley, where he investigated the influence of natural enemies in structuring the functional composition of Protium (Burseraceae) plant communities of the Peruvian Amazon.

He joins ICTB and ECOFOG (“Ecologie des Forêts de Guyane”, Kourou, France) as a lead in comparative analyses for the diversity of multiple taxonomic groups (trees, fungi, insects, arachnids, mammals, earthworms) inventoried in several forest types in French Guyana.