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Kimberly L Harrison

Title: Professor

Office: DM 454A, AC1 371B

Phone: 305-919-3035


Department(s): English

Dr. Harrison earned her PhD from Louisiana State University. She specializes in Writing Program Administration; 19th century women’s rhetoric; diary writing; women’s rhetoric in the American Civil War. Dr. Harrison regularly teachers ENC 1101, ENC 1102, and ENC 6937.

Teaching Philosophy

“I hope that my classes demystify ‘writing’ and ‘rhetoric’ and give students the confidence, knowledge, and skills to interact effectively  in multiple communication contexts. My classroom is interactive, with students working and writing together.”

Research and Service Areas

Dr. Harrison currently serves on the English Department Executive Committee, the Gordon Rule Oversight Committee, and the Gateways to Completion Committee. She is currently working on an edition of women’s Civil War diaries; an article on women’s diaries during the Civil War.