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Charmaine DeFrancesco

Title: Associate Professor

Office: ZEB 251A

Phone: 305-348-3163


Specialty: Physical Education/Kinesiology/Sport and Fitness

Department(s): Teaching and Learning

Dr.DeFrancesco has focused on the psycho-social aspects of sport and exercise among athletes and other participants across the lifespan. She is a certified Sport Psychology Consultant. Her scholarship can be found in:The International Journal of Sport Psychology, The Journal of Sport Behavior, The College Student Journal, The Sport Psychologist, The Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology,Strategies,andEducation.

Research Areas

College student-athletes, Female athletes, Injured athletes, Exercise behaviors and adherence, Leadership in sport and exercise


TIP and Faculty Senate Teaching Awards, Outstanding Honors College Fellow, Coach of the Year (NJCAA), Hall of Fame Athlete (NIU)